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Floral Trainer

Floral Trainer

$9.00 USD


Trainer size shirts WILL NOT fit the typical aged take home kitten of 12-16 weeks!  In fact, Trainers WILL NOT likely fit 8-10 week old kittens unless they are from a line with a small bone structure.  Trainers fit kitten best between 1.5 to 2 lbs.  The fit of these shirts will depend on bone structure and where their weight is located.  Unfortunately, we cannot predict these characteristics. We CAN GAURANTEE Trainer shirts WILL NOT fit your 12-16 week old kitten, so please do not purchase and try to stuff your kitten into it! (Best way to have your cat to hate clothes is when they are too small!)

Please read our blog, guide to buying kitten clothes here:   https://www.nudiepatooties.com/blogs/nudie-patooties/guide-for-buying-sphynx-kitten-clothes-eight-months-and-younger

 Trainer shirts are all constructed from fleece.  All the edges are raw and unfinished which all for folding, trimming and stretching.  That said, they are not constructed for long term use and will lose their shape over time.  Please, closely monitor them for shape and safety.

Believe it or not, tiny Trainers take as much, if not more time than sewing our Lots to Love shirts.  Because they are so time intensive, we do not sew them often.  We try to supply them for kittens born to breeders in cooler climates, kittens who might need added warmth during alteration, and sick kittens.  Respectfully, we ask that you confidently know your kitten will fit a trainer before purchase.   We are very happy to help you size--use the live chat button on our website.  Thank you!

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