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My sphynx Salem has been wearing Nudie Patooties since she was a trainer size! We have stuck with the company for so long because not only are the sweaters good quality, but Michelle has been way more than amazing to us these past few years. She has helped us through so much and has given us so much advise along the way and I couldn't ever imagine being loyal to another brand. Get one sweater and you'll fall in love and soon have a whole wardrobe! They have one for almost every occasion!
We Love your Sweaters!!
Sherry A
I can't get over how stinking cute my baby looks in these clothes. So much variety, great prices and I just love the models.
"I wanted to keep warm but still keep my good looks. See, I have lymphoma, so my gorgeous fur was shaved off and thinner than before, (because of treatment), but my absolutely warm and very fashionable clothes from Nudie Patooties keeps me looking my best and feeling great. It really helps my mom smile because I look beautiful and feel good in my new wardrobe. I highly recommend all the wonderful clothes that are created by Nudie Patooties. In fact, that is all I will wear, and when I go out, everyone comments how great I look. And they are wonderful to work with. Thanks to them I can still look great and feel my best each day. Really appreciate the great product and clothes line.” Love Rhea :)
Dorothy S
Thank you always for your time, service, response and product. I’m always delighted when I receive Finn and River’s new shirts.
I’ve tried a lot of clothes for her, but Nudie Patooties fit her so well! The way these kitty clothes fit her is spot on!
Thank you again to Nudiepatooties for such a great fleece sweater! Bella does not want to be without her nudiepatootie... great service and an excellent product!!
Carla P
I have been dressing my nakids in Nudie Patooties for over two years now. They fit to size, the assortment is great, and my girls look gorgeous in them. 5/5*
Barbara W
I was referred by my rescue group , to check out these super cute cat cloths. Prince mau boo berry looks purrfect in his nudiepatooties shirt The print is awesome and the fur is just right , mau wears a biggie
Boo kitty
Marvin is usually not a fan of clothes, but as soon as I put this soft fleece on him, he was quiet and calm. It fits great and looks great on him, and he seems so comfortable and warm.