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Bath Bundle - Nudie Patooties  Sphynx cat clothes for your sphynx cat, sphynx kitten, Donskoy, Bambino Cat, cornish rex, peterbald and devon rex cat.

Bath Bundle

$32.00 USD

Kit Includes:

  • Bath Robe
  • Robo Fish
  • Mesh Bag
  • Microfiber Towels (2)
  • Exfoliation Glove
  • Face Brush
  • Shower Cap

*Colors may vary for Microfiber Towels, Exfoliation Glove, and Face Brush!

Never be without a bath time essential again with our cute and convenient Bath Bundle!  Bath time for a sphynx can be very stressful, but this Bath Bundle will keep your tools organized and in one place to help make bath time more enjoyable, productive, and way more fun!  We are always asked how we keep our sphynx so clean, so we are sharing all of our favorite products with you--all you need to do is add your favorite wash!  (We use Aveeno Baby Wash and D'Grease pet wash for stubborn stains!).  We have found that the more we are organized and ready, bath time is always easier!

A few of our bathtime tips:

1. Never run the tub water when your cat is in the bathroom and always talk in a soft voice to help keep the noise level low.

2. To help your cat stay calm, you can place a towel under the feet and keep a warm wet washcloth over their back. Make sure you fill the water deep enough to cover an inch of the belly. Our experience with five sphynx is that they feel safer in water that covers the belly.  This is also a great way to soak their undercarriage! 

3. We prefer to wash faces, clean noses and eyes, outside of the tub.  

4. Never overuse any brush or exfoliation glove.  Too much pressure or prolonged use over a single area can cause irritation. 

5. Favorite, high motivational treats are never a bad thing to deliver while in the tub, but after the cleaning is done (Keep them hidden to this point!).  Always end on a positive note, because that is what your cat will most likely associate with bath time!    

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