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PlusSize Grey, Red, and Pink Heart Fleece "Struck by Love"

PlusSize Grey, Red, and Pink Heart Fleece "Struck by Love"

$28.00 USD

This fleece is a PlusSize Lots to Love!  The pull down size will say Lots to Love, but by using this listing, you will receive a Lots to Love PlusSize! DO NOT USE THIS LISTING IF YOU NEED A STANDARD Lots to Love! If your sphynx is growing out of a Lots to Love, but is too small for a Butterball, read on!  

The first thing you will want to do is take measurements and weight.  The PlusSize is going to have a little more room than a Lots to Love in the neck and shoulders and one inch more in both the belly and and length.  Here is the Size and fit chart: https://www.nudiepatooties.com/pages/sizeandfit

Right now, this is the size we receive the most custom requests.  Because winter is so crazy for us, and we are unable to do custom in the winter, we will try to regularly sew some PlusSize. We can't make any promises as to how many, but we will try our best.  If you come back to our website, you will be able to search by the word PlusSize (it will be one word and the search tool should be able to specifically search.)

If you have questions, please ask BEFORE you order as they are non-returnable and we are very happy to help you size! 

This fleece shirt is 100% plush fleece (even the trim!).


Nudie Patooties Fleece shirt for your sphynx cat, sphynx kitten, cornish rex, peterbald and devon rex cat.  Sphynx cat clothes, shirts and sweaters. 

We recommend pre-soaking fleece inside out in a small sink with Oxyclean and hot water to remove oils!  Rinse, then wash in a washing machine and hang to dry. 

Remember fleece run smaller than knits so if your kitty is at the top of a size--order the next size up!  If you have questions, please use the live chat or email us before you order! 

Tweener size is our most mis-ordered size!  Tweeners are almost always kittens about 5-7 months!  At this age, their bodies are very lean and growing long.   Almost all kittens at eight months will wear a Biggies or Chubba Bubba size! 

If you have a new kitten and need help, please feel free to contact us or read or our blog, Guide for Buying Sphynx Kitten Clothes, Eight Months and Younger here:  https://www.nudiepatooties.com/blogs/nudie-patooties/guide-for-buying-sphynx-kitten-clothes-eight-months-and-younger

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