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The Nudie Story

We are a mother/daughter duo! We had a beautiful 22 year old black and white tux cat named, Murphy, who passed in August of 2013. This left a huge void in our home and we missed him terribly. A few months later, daughter adopted a sphynx kitten--our love for sphynx cats grew into a shared obsession. Mr. Biggles and Princess are daughter's baby and Tater Tot and Rumple are mom's, but we love them like they belong to both of us!

Our journey with sphynx clothes began with putting a sock on our first kitten and watching him tumble over. We quickly realized that we wanted something comfortable and cute for our sphynx and began designing and sewing clothes!

Every local fabric shop within 20 miles knows us and has seen pictures of our babies! This is something we LOVE doing together and it usually encompasses some form of bickering back and forth about embellishments, colors, and the best selections. One of us thinks cool and one of us thinks cute....we will let you guess on that one! Together, we hope to bring you fashionable clothes for your cat at an affordable price.