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A Guide to Sizing Your Tweener”

A Guide to Sizing Your Tweener”

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Tweeners are our most mis-ordered size, so please read! 

1.  Tweeners are KITTENS between 5 and 7 months and 5-7 pounds.  Because your kitten is growing, you want to Purchase Tweeners as they are approaching the 5 month/pound mark. If you purchase at the 7month/pound mark, your kitten will grow out of the shirt fast!

2. For some fabrics, like fleece and minky, that run small, it is almost always safer to go up to a Biggies size at the 6 lb mark.  

3.  Tweeners rarely fit a sphynx over 7 months/pounds.  Between 7-8 months, kittens start to fill out in their neck and shoulder area.  Tweeners are much smaller in the neck and shoulder area, so even if you are a bambino or a smaller sphynx cat, the Tweener will not fit.  Exceptions to this rule would be if a kitten is not neutered or spayed or has had a sickly start to life.  

4.  It is not uncommon for some boys to blow through this size.  They tend to develop more quickly than girls.  If you are purchasing a thick fabric (minky and fleece) , don't hesitate to go up to a Biggies at 6 lbs.  Because your kitten is growing, it is better to the shirt be a tad big and have them grow into it versus growing out of it in a week.  

5.  Just like humans, weight matters.  Your kitten might have the exact measurements of a Tweener, but the weight might be a bit over 7 lbs.  In this instance, you will want to go up to a Biggies.  (It's like buying jeans at 100lbs and they fit perfectly.  You gain ten pounds and the jeans are too short and tight in areas. )

Our shirts are non-returnable, but there are so many ways to easily get help fitting your sphynx.  We want to help you, so please reach out BEFORE YOU ORDER!

Look for the green live chat button on our homepage.  This is like texting us.  We are almost always available in the afternoon and evenings.  In the mornings, consider emailing us at info@nudiepatooties.com OR use any of our social media private messaging options.  We usually respond quickly.

Thank you for takingi the time to read this!


Guide to buying kitten clothes:  https://www.nudiepatooties.com/blogs/nudie-patooties/guide-for-buying-sphynx-kitten-clothes-eight-months-and-younger

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