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Flowers on Aqua, "Flirt Shirt"

Flowers on Aqua, "Flirt Shirt"

$33.00 USD

Some days you just need a little more attention--trust us, this shirt will turn you into a little love magnet!  Doesn't matter if you are a girl or boy...this is going to be your favorite "Flirt Shirt." 

Super cute (the colors are so bright!), lightly textured, polyester knit! This fabric is about the same weight as a t-shirt and is perfect for fall, spring, or summer days! These shirts will be more body hugging/snug.  We suggest sizing up if you are at the top of your size!  

Wash in warm to cool water and hang to dry!

Nudie Patooties shirt for your sphynx cat, sphynx kitten, cornish rex, peterbald and devon rex cat.  Sphynx cat clothes, shirts and sweaters. 

Size and fit chart: https://www.nudiepatooties.com/pages/sizeandfit

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