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Long Sleeve Red Christmas Fleece "Grumpy Green Guy"

Long Sleeve Red Christmas Fleece "Grumpy Green Guy"

$39.00 USD

So warm,cute and festive!  Each shirt features a green guy on the back center and on each sleeve.  This shirt is very limited in each size, so if this is a holiday shirt you want, grab it early.

Stocked and ready to ship! Due to the limited quantity, long sleeves are a FINAL SALE!  Because of the final sale policy on Nudie Patooties with sleeves, we recommend that you try one first before investing in a closet full! 

If you are new to Nudie Patooties, we recommend you try our standard fit FIRST! Sleeves are not the best first introduction clothes to try.  Even seasoned clothing wearers can expect an adaption period.  Our five, who wear clothes all the time, did the trot walk for a few minutes--so you can expect an adjustment period. We had one tester who completely disliked the sleeves. Long sleeves will not be for everyone.  Correct fit is vital to the success of your cat adapting to clothes.
Our Tweener size, which is meant for a long skinny kitten transitioning to adult, is the size most incorrectly ordered. Very few cats remain a Tweener and are wearing a Biggies or a Chubba Bubba by eight months or so depending on the cat. If your baby is at the top of a size--GO UP TO THE NEXT SIZE in fleece!  Your baby will thank you! 
Here is the link to our size chart:  http://www.nudiepatooties.com/pages/sizeandfit 
Once you have the correct body fit, measure the legs.  These are the leg measurements give or take a centimeter or two:
Tweener inseam:  4.5"
Biggies inseam:  5"
Chubba Bubba inseam: 5.5"
The sleeves have been purposely kept on the slender side for safety and added warmth.  You can expect that the shirt will be a little more difficult to put on which is why we added a little more room and a tad more length throughout the shirt. Are they warmer?  We would say that it is like the difference of you wearing a tank top versus long sleeves!  We personally love that the shoulder area is covered because we feel it prevents the core from losing precious body heat.  Our nudies have been wearing them consistently since late fall and are extremely comfortable in them. (We did see the trot walk for about five minutes!) As always, we recommend that you do NOT leave your baby alone in a shirt.  When purchasing any clothing, you need to monitor the fit and behavior of your baby!  
We are very happy to help you size BEFORE you order!  Please drop us an email at info@nudiepatooties.com

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